AMAA 2014

Smart Systems for Safe, Clean, and Automated Vehicles

23-24 June 2014
Kaiserin Friedrich-House, Berlin (Germany)


Monday, June 23th, 2014

Welcome Address

Werner Wilke

Managing Director, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik (Germany)

Keynote Speakers

Stefan Mengel, Head of Unit Electronic Systems and Electric Mobility, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany)

Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit Components, DG CNECT, European Commission (Belgium)

Hiroshi Shimizu, Professor and Electric Mobility Pioneer, Keiō University, Tokyo (Japan)

Renzo Cicilloni, Head of Vehicle Research & Innovation, Trento Branch, Fiat Research Center (Italy)

Round Table Discussion: Vehicle Automation

Moderation: Jochen Langheim, STMicroelectronics
Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT


Harald Barth, Driving Assistance Product Marketing Manager, Valeo (Germany)

Werner Huber, Head Driver Assistance and Perception, BMW (Germany)

Raul Rojas, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

Session A: Vehicle Automation

Chairperson: Wolfgang Dettmann, Infineon

Design of Real-Time Transition from Driving Assistance to Automation Function: Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Approach

Ata Khan, Carleton University (Canada)

Layer-based Multi-Sensor Fusion Architecture for Cooperative and Automated Driving Application Development

Maurice Kwakkernaat, TNO (Netherlands)

Enhancing Mobility using Innovative Technologies and Highly Flexible Autonomous Vehicles

Timo Birnschein, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Germany)

Session B: Vehicle Electrification 1

Chairperson: Emma Briec, Renault

(Cost)-Efficient System Solutions e.g. Integrated Battery Management, Communication and Module Supply for the 48V Power Supply in Passenger Cars

Harald Gall, ams (Austria)

Safety Simulation in the Concept Phase: Advanced Co-Simulation Toolchain for Conventional, Hybrid & Fully Electric Vehicles

Stephen Jones, AVL List (Austria)

Predictive Optimization of the Operating Strategy in Future Volkswagen Vehicles

Jan Bellin, Volkswagen (Germany)

When do We Get the Electronic Battery Switch?

Werner Rössler, Infineon (Germany)

Advantages of Utilizing the OMNEST Simulation Environment in Automotive Research, Testing and Verification

András Ferencz, OMNEST (Hungary)

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

International Trends in Vehicle Electrification and Automation

Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

Session C: Driver Assistance

Chairperson: Mike Babala, TRW

Evolution in Advanced Driver Assistance: From Steering Support in Highway Construction Zones to Assistance in Urban Narrow Road Scenarios

Thomas Gußner, Robert Bosch (Germany)

Smart and Green ACC: As Applied to a Through the Road Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Sagar Akhegaonkar, Intedis (Germany)

Visualization Functions in Advanced Camera Based Surround View Systems

Markus Friebe, Continental (Germany)

Session D: Vehicle Networks

Chairperson: Steffen Müller, NXP Semiconductors

Power Saving in Automotive Ethernet

Steffen Müller, NXP Semiconductors (Germany)

Analysis of Cluster Ring Controller/Area Networks for Enhanced Transmission and Fault-Tolerance in Vehicle Networks

Po-Chiech Chiu, National Tsing Hua University Taiwan (Taiwan)

Assessing the Evolution of E/E Hardware Modules with Abstract Logical Architectures

Stefan Raue, Daimler (Germany)

Session E: Connected Vehicles

Chairperson: Roland Müller-Fiedler, Robert Bosch GmbH

Context-Based Service Fusion for Personalized On-Board Information Support

Alexander Smirnov, St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics & Automation (Russia)

An Active Vulnerable Road User Protection Based on One 24 GHz Automotive Radar

Marc-Michael Meinecke, Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg (Germany)

Increased Consumption in Oversaturated City Traffic Based on Empirical Vehicle Data

Hubert Rehborn, Daimler (Germany)

Compact, Safe and Efficient Wireless and Inductive Charging Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

Faical Turki, Vahle (Germany)

Session F: Vehicle Electrification 2

Chairperson: Thomas Salbert, Continental

COSIVU – Compact, Smart and Reliable Drive Unit for Commercial Electric Vehicles

Dag Andersson, Swerea IVF (Sweden)

Reliability of New SiC BJT Power Modules for Fully Electric Vehicles

Alexander Otto, Fraunhofer ENAS (Germany)

Development and Testing of Solid-Bourne Sound Sensor for Bearing Faults Based on a Piezo-Electric Foil

Jurij Kern, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies (Slovenia)

Carsten Thun, Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten (Germany)

Final Remarks

Jan Fischer-Wolfarth, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)