AMAA 2012

Smart Systems for Safe, Sustainable and Networked Vehicles

30-31 May 2012
Harnack House, Berlin (Germany)


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

9:00 Opening Session

Chairperson: Günter Lugert, Siemens (Germany)

Werner Wilke, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

Khalil Rouhana, Director Components and Systems (designated),
DG Infso, European Commission

Electric Vehicles: Environmental Issues and Trends for Electrical and Electronics Technologies
Patrick Bastard, Vice President Advanced Electronics & New Technologies, Renault (France)

Wireless Charging
Eric Giler, President and CEO, WiTricity (USA)

The Challenges of Automated Driving
Reiner Höger, Director Engineering Governance Automotive Systems and Technology, Continental (Germany)

10:30 Coffee Break / Posters

11:00 Session A: Electrification

Chairperson: Jochen Langheim, ST Microelectronics (France)

Wireless Charging: The Future of the Electric Car
Joe Barrett, Qualcomm Europe (U.K.)

Standard Proposal for Resonant Inductive Charging of Electric Vehicles
Steffen Kümmell, IAV GmbH (Germany)

Comparison of Gapped and Gapless Designs for an Automotive DC-DC Converter Inductor
Richard Demersseman, Valeo (France)

Battery Management Network for Fully Electrical Vehicles Featuring Smart Systems at Cell and Pack Level
Alexander Otto, Fraunhofer ENAS (Germany)

12:30 Lunch Break / Posters

13:30 AMAA 2012 Posters

Elevator Talks

14:00 Session B: Safety and Driver Assistance

Chairperson: Riccardo Groppo, Fiat Research Center (Italy)

Laser-Based Hierarchical Grid Mapping for Detection and Tracking Moving Objects
Markus Schütz, Daimler (Germany)

Slippery Road Detection by Using Different Methods of Polarised Light
Johan Casselgren, Lulea University (Sweden)

Lane Accurate Position Sensing of Vehicles for Cooperative Driver Assistance Systems
Bernhard Schmid, Continental (Germany)

A Centralized Real-Time Driver Assistance System for Road Safety Based on Smartphone
Andrea Corti, Politecnico Milan (Italy)

15:30 Coffee Break / Posters

16:00 Session C: Green Cars Initiative Update

Chairpersons: Emma Briec, Renault (France) / Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

Electification Roadmap and REsearch Projects of the European Green Cars Initiative
Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)
ICT for Fully Electric Vehicles – 4th call for proposals – Objective GC-ICT-2013.6.6 Electro-mobility
Cosmin Codrea, DG Infso, European Commission

17:00 Session D: Simulation and Testing (until 17:30)

Chairperson: Beate Müller / VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

On the Design of Performance Testing Methods for Active Safety Systems
Henrik Eriksson, SP (Sweden)



Thursday, 31 May 2012

9:00 Session E: Components and Systems

Chairperson: Roland Müller-Fiedler / Bosch (Germany)

Vehicle Re-identification With Several Magnetic Sensors
Anne-Cécile Pitton, CEA-Leti (France)

New Concepts of High Current Sensing by Using Active Semiconductors for the Energy Management in Automotive Applications
Klaus Rink, Continental Teves AG & Co (Germany)

Far Infrared Imaging Sensor for Mass Production of Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection Systems
Jean-Luc Tissot, ULIS (France)

10:30 Coffee Break / Posters

11:00 Session F: In-Vehicle Networks and Architectures

Chairperson: Pietro Perlo / IFEVS (Italy)

Automotive Ethernet, a Holistic Approach for a Next Generation In-Vehicle Networking Standard
Steffen Müller, NXP (Germany)

Ethernet-Based and Function-Independent Vehicle Control-Platform: Motivation, Idea and Technical Concept Fulfilling Quantitative Safety-Requirements from ISO26262
Andreas Zirkler, Siemens (Germany)

Research Project E-performance – In-Car-Network Optimization for Electric Vehicles
Georg Gut, Fortiss (Germany)

Simplified Architecture by the Use of Decision Units
Volker Scheuch, Intedis (Germany)

12:30 Lunch Break / Posters

13:30 Session G: MiniFaros

Chairperson: Jürgen Valldorf / VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)

A low cost Miniature Laser Scanner – The EC Project MiniFaros
Roland Krzikalla, SICK (Germany)

Truck Safety Applications for Cost-Efficient Laser Scanner Sensors
Grant Grubb, Volvo (Sweden)

A Laser Scanner Chip Set for Accurate Perception Systems
Jussi-Pekka Jansson, University of Oulu (Finland)

Biaxial Tripod MEMS Mirror and Omnidirectional Lens for a Low Cost Wide Angle Laser Range Sensor
Ulrich Hofmann, Fraunhofer ISIT (Germany)

15:00 Coffee Break / Posters

15:30 Session H: Cooperative Driving and Navigation

Chairperson: Thomas Salbert / Continental Automotive GmbH (Germany)

Overall Probabilistic Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Intersection Situations
Galia Weidl, Daimler (Germany)

Traffic Jam Warning Messages from Measured Vehicle Data with the Use of Three-Phase Traffic Theory
Hubert Rehborn, Daimler AG (Germany)

Realtime Roadboundary Detection for Urban Areas
Claudia Nilles, Altran GmbH (Germany)

Lane-Sensitive Positioning and Navigation for Innovative ITS Services
Erwin Schoitsch, AIT (Austria)

17:00 Final remarks

Gereon Meyer / VDI/VDE-IT (Germany)